Summary Executive

Physician’s main goal was to get a reliable alternative to Medical Scribes which not only removes the burden of training and managing the Medical Scribe but also increases the revenue.

About the Physician

The physician was handling about 18 patients per day and had 22 clinic days for his practice. Scribes on leave, higher turnover of scribes, training new scribes and incurring a cost of $2,112 per month left him frustrated.


  • Scribe attrition risk
  • New scribe onboarding time
  • New scribe learning curves
  • Cost of medical scribes

Physician saves $21,144 yearly

By Discontinuing Medical Scribe Service and Using S10 Robot Medical Scribe

S10 Robot Medical Scribe

A physician’s mind free of Electronic Health Records documentation worries and having enough time in hand to focus on patient encounters is essential to the success of any practice. A frictionless way to create meaningful data in EHR is important not only for regulation but also for driving productivity, seamless reimbursements, and also reducing physician burnout. At S10.AI, we work with Physicians to implement solutions that generate clear returns from day one. This case study outlines how S10.AI made EHR documentation process simple, reliable, scalable and delivered excellent ROI.

Return On Investment Calculation ( ROI )
EHR DictationTranscribeConverscribe
Monthly subscription cost of S10.AI
$ 350$ 500$ 900
Monthly cost of medical scribe ($16 for 22 clinic days)
Savings / Per month
Return on Investment (ROI)

How S10.AI helped ?

S10 Robot Medical scribe automatically scribes a clinical interaction based on the doctor-patient conversations. This completely mimics a physician and transcribes the encounters and automatically enters into the EHR instantly. The doctor had to spend only 1 hour for the implementation. The Physician started gaining the following benefits immediately on moving to S10 Robot Medical Scribe.

  • Reduced monthly spend of $1,762
  • No scribe onboarding challenges and learning curves
  • No scalability issues
  • No attrition risk

Want to save time & money ? Get a robot medical scribe


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