S10 Robot EHR Voice Dictation

S10.AI robot ehr voice dictation understands free-flowing dictation and using contextual methods enters the data into the EHR fields automatically without integration. Other dictation software which is "bolted on" to an EHR system designed with keyboard and mouse in mind has higher error rates and significantly increases documentation times.

Forget the pain of errors and corrections

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How Does S10 Robot EHR Voice Dictation Work?

patient schedule

Step 1: Auto Syncs Your Schedule

S10 Robot is up to the minute with your EHR schedule without integration.

Step 2: Patient Charts Are Open As Per Schedule

S10 Robot opens up patient charts as per the schedule and awaits your command.

patient chart
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Step 3: Start Dictating

Say “Hey S10” and start dictating the notes or use your standard template.

Step 4: Auto-Pilot Data Entry

After reviewing, say “Auto EHR”, the notes are converted into EHR contextual data and entered into the EHR on auto-pilot mode.

Sign Off

Step 5: Review And Sign Off

You can review the data in the EHR and sign off.


Say Goodbye To Conventional Dictation Issues

No omissions - No spelling mistakes - No wrong words - No EHR stumblings in front of patients - No EHR integration - No more backlogs - No punctuation issues

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robot virtual medical scribe

Instant Documentation

Capture patient stories appointment-wise as you go through your encounter and get your EHR entries and notes instantly. Your history and physical exam will be more accurate and complete.

No Touch Completely Automated Transcription

Use voice commands to traverse notes quickly and navigate between menus and enter the notes into EHR on auto pilot without touching the EHR. There will be no need to postpone dictation. It takes no extra time.

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Gold Standard Clinical Documentation

Use template of your choice and convert encounter dictation into full gold standard clinical notes tailored to each speciality and compliant with documentation requirements, minimising the load of compliance knowledge and allowing for proper coding.


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