S10 Robot Medical Converscribe

S10 Robot Medical Converscribe automatically scribes a clinical interaction based on physician-patient conversations. It uses high fidelity ASR and speaker identification which allows speech-driven interaction anywhere within an environment. It mimics a medical scribe and scribes the encounters and automatically enters into the EHR on auto-pilot mode.

Forgot the pain of hiring and managing the scribes

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How S10 Robot Medical Converscribe Works?

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Step 1: Auto Syncs Your Schedule

S10 robot medical scribe auto-syncs itself with your schedule in EHR without integration

Step 2: Patient Charts Are Open As Per Schedule

Say "Hey S10," and the S10 personal robot medical scribe will be ready to scribe with the patient chart open and ready to start taking notes.

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Step 3: Gold Standard Documentation In Minutes.

S10 robot medical scribe creates gold standard documentation with medical grade precision and coding standards by just listening to your conversation with patients.

Step 4: Review And Auto EHR

You can review and say "auto EHR", the data gets entered into the EHR on an autopilot mode without any integration.

Sign Off

Step 5: Review And Sign Off

You can review the data and notes in the EHR and sign off.


Cross-Language Diarization

S10 Robot Medical Scribe can understand about 16 of the most languages of American citizens which will help clinicians converse naturally with patients and other family members. This improves patient experience and reduces the communication gap.

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Instant Scribing

S10 Robot Scribe will capture patient stories appointment-wise as you go through your encounter and get your notes out instantly. AI prompts on documentation, drug x drug interactions, drug x allergy, prescribe-able drugs, and treatment decision avoids rework.

Completely Automated Scribing

Physicians can use voice commands to activate the S10 Robot Scribe to traverse notes quickly and enter the notes into EHR on autopilot without touching the EHR.

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Gold Standard Clinical Documentation

S10 Robot Medical Scribe will use the template of your choice and convert encounters into gold-standard clinical notes.


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