S10 Robot Medical Transcribe

S10 Robot Medical Transcribe records physician's findings and summary of an encounter to appropriate templates and contextually enters it into the EHR in autopilot mode. S10 Robot Medical Transcribe creates medical-legal documents that are grammatically correct and prompt allergies, drug-to-drug interactions, and treatment suggestions.

Lighten your medical office workload

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How Does S10 Robot Medical Transcribe Work?

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Step 1: Auto Syncs Your Schedule

S10 Robot Medical Transcribe auto-syncs your schedule without integration.

Step 2: Patient Charts Are Open As Per Schedule

S10 Robot Medical Transcribe opens up your patient charts as per the schedule and awaits your command.

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Step 3: Start Dictating

Say "Hey S10" and start dictating as you go over your findings or after the encounter.

Step 4: Review And Auto EHR

S10 Robot Medical Transcribe gets notes ready as per gold standards. When you say "auto EHR" the notes are entered into the EHR automatically.


Step 5: Review And Sign Off

You can review the notes in the EHR and sign off.


Say Goodbye To Transcription Problems

No messy devices - No unsecured file folders - No scribbled paper notes - No worry about recording misuse - No omissions - No spelling mistakes - No wrong words - No more forgetting patient information - No EHR integration - No more backlogs.

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Instant Transcription

Either during telehealth consultation or in-person encounters, the s10 Robot Medical Transcribe captures patient stories appointment-wise and creates notes instantly. Instant AI prompts on documentation, drug x drug interactions, drug x allergy, prescribe-able drugs, and treatment decisions prevent rework.

Completely Automated

Use voice commands to traverse notes quickly and navigate between menus and enter the notes into EHR on autopilot mode without touching the EHR. There will be no need to postpone dictation

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Gold Standard Clinical Documentation

S10 Robot Medical Transcribe will use the template of your choice to convert encounter dictation into a full gold standard.


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