The Best AI Medical Scribe: Why Clinicians Love S10.AI?

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AI Medical Scribing That Works With and Without EHR for All Specialties

Choose ANY EMR. S10.AI's Artificial Intelligence Medical Scribe, powered by robots, is the only customizable ambient AI medical scribe software that seamlessly operates within ANY EMR to generate accurate clinical documentation from patient conversations in real-time, be it virtual or in-office, even if it’s noisy.It works efficiently even without EHR, allowing providers to copy and paste notes easily.

Built using patented homogeneous healthcare AI for fully customizable notes across all specialties—family medicine, psychiatry, podiatry, psychotherapy, etc.—saving clinicians time to focus on patient care.

Free Your Time with AI ScribingS10.AI
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Just Speak For AI‑Powered Medical Documentation In Seconds

S10.AI, unlike other AI documentation tools, provides personalized, customizable clinical documentation for doctors, hospitals, and health systems. Our ambient AI platform saves time, boosts revenue, enhances accuracy, and drives adoption.

Discover the Efficiency of AI Medical Scribing

A S10’ing Experience

S10.AI's features make it the best ambient AI scribe for shaping the future of healthcare AI.

Cross-Lingual Support

100% Customisable, Accurate, and Fast AI Clinical Notes

Compatible With Any EHR System

Clinical Decision Support

Handles Multiple Speakers And Group Therapy

Automated ICD-10 ,E/M and CPT Coding

Automates Refills, Lab & Prescription Orders, Spruce Messaging etc

Seamlessly Connect via In-Person ,Video ,Chat or Phone

Works on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

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Feel Safe

Patented AI-Powered Medical Documentation technology built for trust, safety, and efficacy.


Data protected and Certified for HIPAA ,PIPEDA & GDPR Compliant.

Security And Data Protection:

ISO 27001 certified and Encrypted data

Automatic Data Erasure:

All data is erased after the patient chart is completed.

US & Canada Territorial Scope:

Subject to US & Canadian Federal laws


Fault-tolerant with multiple availability zones

Biden AI Order Compliance:

Action is taken to protect people from the risk of Artificial Intelligence systems

ISO 27001GDPRHIPAAPIPEDANHSCyber essentials certified
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The S10.AI Uniqueness

Personal. Historical. AI Science.

Our foremost duty is to the truth and the responsible development of AI technology.


Built on S10’s patented homogeneous healthcare AI ,with advanced machine learning and knowledge engineering.


And Highly accurate Automatic Speech Recognition, thanks to continuous model innovation and fine-tuning.

Physician Knowledge Engineering AI

for customizing each physician's workflow.

Medical Knowledge AI

with ambient clinical intelligence to ensure precision and purpose-built for healthcare.

Robotic interface

for interoperability with any system or healthcare ecosystem, enhancing automation in healthcare.

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