Introducing Crush The S10.AI

Robot Medical Scribe

Crush leads in Speed , Accuracy And Customization.

How Crush Works?

  • scribesmedial

    Choose Patient

    Start Crush from any device of your choice: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, and select the patient from the schedule.

  • medicaltranscriptionai

    Start Speaking

    Initiate patient encounters using natural languages such as English, Spanish, Latin, French, etc., with ambient cross-lingual and highly accurate ASR AI seamlessly recording, transcribing, and analyzing conversations in real-time.

  • aiformedicalnotes

    Review Note Sign off.

    Instantly generate and review physician-style notes during consultations using the most advanced medical knowledge AI, with longitudinal intelligence of past medical history and insights.

  • It’s A Delight !

    Autopilot Notes entry to any EHR or copy-paste notes to your EHR. Save time, reduce burnout, and maximize revenue by closing charts faster and seeing more patients each day. It's delightful!

Simply speak to your patients, prioritizing care over documentation.

S10.AI helps physicians leverage the power of AI and Robots to:

Save Your Time 99%


Crush generates clinical notes for your documentation automatically after each patient encounter, significantly reducing documentation time by up to 99%.

Reduce Your Burnout


Streamline billing cycles and combat burnout by reducing chart closure time to just one minute, overcoming administrative burdens and EHR navigation challenges.

Increase Revenue


Increase your daily patient load by accommodating additional patients, all while boosting earnings per visit with enhanced accuracy in risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores.

Beyond Generative AI , It's Personalized:

Reject one-size-fits-all solutions. Crush delves deep into diverse fields and your unique processes. In just a week, your AI assistant learns:

  • The Scribe's Guild: Customize your note organization, data priority, writing style, and enable auto CPT, ICD-10 coding.
  • Your Medical Lexicon: From "Hx" to specialized terms, Crush speaks your medical language.
  • Workflow Dynamics: Fully customizable, whether medications or social history first, Crush aligns with your workflow.

Crush seamlessly adopts your expertise for streamlined documentation.

The result ? Documentation on Auto Pilot


Committed To Security And Privacy

Crush adheres to HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, and both the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Our comprehensive security measures include layers of firewalls and advanced monitoring solutions, actively blocking suspicious activities to safeguard secure information.


Explore S10’ing Clinic Process Automation capabilities, which you can add on with your

AI Medical scribe to optimize your administrative workflow.


Making Life Easy For Physicians

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