S10.AI Mission

To make life easy for physicians

S10.AI Vision

We foresee a world where people are more engaged and live the best possible quality of life because their workflow to live well is automated by our thinking software.

To make EHR's more usable and derive excellent value with S10.AI Robot Scribe.

S10.AI Brand Values

Informed Decisions

Passionate About What We Do

Respect For People

Reliable And Responsive

Wellbeing Of The Community We Serve

Where We Are ?


S10.AI Inc. and S10 Technologies, an investor in a leading Virtual Medical Scribe company, have over 1000 physicians in the US.


Two offices in the US and three offshore delivery and support centers in India


More than 500 people across the US and India


The patented Intelligent Physician Knowledge Orchestrator (IPKO) has evolved into an exceptional product, garnering phenomenal acceptance in the market.

User Satisfaction:

Positive feedback and growing demand showcase the immediate impact of S10.AI.


ISO 27001, HIPPA & PIPEDA compliance audit, Cyber security Vulnerability, Availability, and Penetration audit certification.


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