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Medical Scribe Robot

Brought to life by patented IPKO*

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Introducing IPKO: A Healthcare AI Robot for Reliable Workflow Automation

Cross-lingual Conversation Inference Engine ( CCIE )

16 cross-language diarization capability improves patient experience and bridges the communication gap.

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Physician Knowledge Inference Engine ( PKIE )

Knowledge-engineered machine learning models are used to learn and mimic the EHR documentation workflow of the physician to personalize the robot medical scribe for each physician.

Medical Knowledge Inference Engine ( MKIE )

The supervised medical machine learning models for clinical pathways generate accurate medical concepts to support the clinical documentation improvement process.

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Intuitive Interface Inference Engine ( IIIE )

It breaks the without integration no-thing happens myth.

Technology That Does What It Says - “Making Physician's Life Easy”

S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe is

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Transcription vs dictation
Available 24/7
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Transcribes in Real Time
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Autonomous documentation

With S10.AI Medical Scribe, healthcare providers can enjoy the benefits of automated scribing without sacrificing quality or accuracy, making it a must-have tool for any modern medical practice.

Highly Secure And Safe

S10.AI's Robot Medical Scribe ensures utmost data security for healthcare providers.


Robust measures, industry best practices, strict access controls, and encryption technologies.

HIPAA Compliance:

Adheres to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ) regulations.

GDPR Compliance:

Complies with General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) for data processing and protection.

ISO 27001 Certification:

Certified with ISO 27001 for effective information security management.

PIPEDA Compliance:

Compliant with Canadian privacy laws for data processing and protection

No Data Storage:

Transcribes in real-time without storing any data for enhanced security.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

Uses multi-factor authentication for added login security.

Limited Access:

Authorized personnel have access to patient information and records.

Data Encryption:

Advanced encryption secures all data transmissions.

Data Erasure After Completion:

Automatically erases data after patient chart completion for privacy compliance.

Risk Management:

Expert security team proactively identifies and addresses security risks.

Proven Track Record:

S10 Group's track record of virtual medical scribes accessing top healthcare systems & research institutions shows our dedication to data security & privacy

US Territorial Scope:

Hosted in the US, subject to federal and state data protection laws.


Highly available infrastructure, fault-tolerant, and protected against failures.

Step into the world of impenetrable data security with S10.AI - the fortified solution that you can experience in real time right now.

Get Back To What Matters Most In No Time

S10.AI transforms healthcare with advanced AI and top-notch security.

Unlock efficiency and patient-focused care with S10.AI.

Join the healthcare revolution today!

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*Intelligent Physician Knowledge Orchestrator (IPKO) is a patented IP used in S10.AI.


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