Crush Goes Beyond an AI Medical Scribe:

Enhance Clinic Process Automation with AI Add‑ons

S10’ing Capabilities

Automating Clinic Staffing Process:

Let automate your front office staffing tasks like appointment management, insurance verification, prescription refills, patient referrals, and more.

  • Appointment Scheduling and Management:
  • Streamline appointment and surgery scheduling with Crush, allowing patients to interact for availability and appointment adjustments.

  • Follow-Up Communication:
  • Crush can gather feedback, schedule follow-ups, and address inquiries effortlessly.

  • Check-In:
  • Verify patient information and provide visit details for efficient check-ins.

  • Patient Registration:
  • Automate data entry by generating or extracting information from patient forms.

  • Prescription Refills:
  • Crush can manage prescription refill requests and submit them to the pharmacy.

  • Pre-Charting:
  • Crush can handle pre-chart preparation and upload patient documents into your EHR.

  • Lab Orders Management:
  • Crush can automatically send lab orders to the preferred laboratory.

  • Referral Letters:
  • Crush can also draft thorough referral letters, encompassing all patient information, referral reasons, and relevant medical history.

  • Lab Results Management:
  • Crush can extract patient lab results from PDFs and update them in the chart.

  • Patient Documentation Management:
  • Update patients' medical history questionnaires. Prepare preliminary notes based on patient-provided information.

  • Automated Data Transfer to CRM:
  • Crush can transfer patient demographic information from the EHR and upload it to the CRM.

  • Insurance Coverage Verification:
  • Automate insurance details validation and entry into the EHR.

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