Family Medicine Practitioner In Canada Moved To S10.AI From GPT4


About The Customer:

  • Industry: Healthcare - Individual Practitioner (Family Medicine)
  • Hospital/Clinic Size: Individual practitioner
  • Location: Canada
  • Ownership Type: Part of a larger healthcare system
  • Specialization: Family medicine
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) System: Accuro (Local version)
  • Patient Demographics: Patients from Saskatchewan and surrounding areas
  • Patient Flow: Approximately 25 patients are seen per day
  • Decision-Makers: Doctor (Chief Medical Officer)

Pain Points Before S10.AI Adoption:

Before implementing S10.AI Medical Scribe, the individual practitioner encountered several challenges in medical documentation and administrative processes. Although they relied on ChatGPT for completing documentation, it was still time-consuming to complete the documentation. The physician must type prompts into chatGPT, review the document, and manually enter it into the EHR. They realized it was time-consuming and still a burden for the physician. They needed a more efficient tool to alleviate the burden of manually pasting prompts and correcting inaccuracies. They expressed keen interest in trying out the S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe to enhance their documentation workflow and compare it with their existing solution.

Competitive Landscape:

Before adopting S10.AI Medical Scribe, they used ChatGPT for documentation, which involved self-documentation.

Adoption History and Outcomes:

S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe was implemented in a week. The notes were as per the physician’s documentation preference. The documentation was created directly from the conversation between the physician and the patient. After adopting S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe, the practitioner reported a significantly reduced documentation burden. They observed improvements in time efficiency, document quality, and ease of use. S10.AI's capabilities helped streamline the documentation process, allowing the physician to focus more on patient care.


S10.AI Medical Scribe was an effective solution for this individual practitioner, addressing his pain points and enhancing the medical documentation process. The AI-powered system demonstrated improved time management, document quality, and ease of use, leading to better patient care and overall operational efficiency in their respective healthcare settings.


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