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A physician’s mind free of Electronic Health Records documentation worries and having enough time in hand to focus on patient encounters is essential to the success of any practice. A frictionless way to create meaningful data in EHR is important not only for regulation but also for driving productivity, seamless reimbursements, and also reducing physician burnout. At S10.AI, we work with Physicians to implement solutions that generate clear returns from day one. This case study will outline how S10.AI helped the physician turn his EHR documentation process to simple, reliable and scale with a lower cost alternate approach.

Executive Summary

High-performing physician had to spend between 1.5 hours to 4 hours every working day on EHR documentation. He was facing EHR usability issues and documentation challenges. This lead to overwork, loss of productivity, and he was on the verge of burnout.

About the Physician

The physician was handling about 18 patients per day and had 20 working days for his practice. Due to time spent on documentation he was not able to see more patients and losing $150 to $400 every day.


  • Difficulty of working directly on EHR systems
  • Slow system response times
  • Difficult navigation
  • After-office hours work
Return Of Investment (ROI)Crush The Robot Medical Scribe
Monthly subscription cost of S10.AI$ 299
Total documentation time reduction using S10 Robot (per patient):85%
Earnings / Per month$ 5,331
Incremental time available for patients (hours per month): 56.1
Return on Investment (ROI)1776%

How S10.AI helped ?

Crush the robot scribe understands free-flowing dictation or conversations and using contextual methods enters the data into the EHR fields automatically without integration. It uses high fidelity ASR and speaker identification which allows speech-driven interaction anywhere within an environment. It mimics a medical scribe and scribes the encounters and automatically enters into the EHR on auto-pilot mode.

  • Enabled more patient time to earn more than $5000
  • Avoids difficulty of working directly on EHR systems
  • No “after office hours” or carry documentation home
  • CDI standard documentation in EHR. No fear of missing out something

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