The Wasilla, Alaska Hospital Automated Their Therapy Notes With S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe In A Week.


About The Customer:

  • Industry: Healthcare - Hospital
  • Hospital/Clinic Size: 4 practitioners
  • Location: Alaska
  • Ownership Type: Small healthcare system
  • Specialization: Therapy
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) System: No EHR system in place
  • Patient Demographics: Patients from Wasilla and surrounding areas
  • Patient Flow: Approximately 8 to 10 patients are seen per day
  • Decision-Makers: CEO

Pain Points Before S10.AI Adoption:

The hospital needed help completing long, detailed medical notes on time, affecting their efficiency and productivity. Each patient encounter runs into hours. With no existing EHR system, they recognized the need for an advanced solution to streamline their documentation and administrative processes.

Competitive Landscape:

Before adopting S10.AI Medical Scribe, the hospital relied on self-documentation methods.

Adoption History And Outcomes:

S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe was implemented. The physician wanted long notes for the first visit and short notes for the follow on visits. After adopting S10.AI Medical Scribe, the hospital experienced notable improvements in time management, document quality, and ease of use. The system's AI capabilities facilitated accurate and efficient documentation, enabling healthcare practitioners to spend more time on patient care. Adopting S10.AI Medical Scribe significantly enhanced their workflow and documentation process.


S10.AI Medical Scribe was an effective solution for small hospitals, addressing their pain points and enhancing the medical documentation process. The AI-powered system demonstrated improved time management, document quality, and ease of use, leading to better patient care and overall operational efficiency in their respective healthcare settings.


Making Life Easy For Physicians

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