Virtual Medical Scribe Hyper-automated Robots: Why Do You Need them? What Does It Do? How Does It Work?

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Virtual Medical Scribe Hyper-automated Robots: Why Do You Need them? What Does It Do? How Does It Work?

Hyper-automated virtual medical scribe robots are a unique blend of machine learning, medical expert AI, robotic technology, clinical models, and cross-language interface. They are experts in the form and content of clinical encounters and can exploit the rich models of the knowledge base underpinning specific clinical domains. They are autonomous systems designed to function based on neural network techniques, with algorithms designed specifically to classify and extract data to provide perfect documentation for better outcomes, regulatory compliance, and payer needs. 


How Does It Work? 

It is completely automated and intelligently operates in the background, allowing you to focus on providing face-to-face care to your patients in the same way that virtual scribes do. It can handle multiple speakers, unusual accents, erratic conversations, interruptions, and other variables that plague other tools, thanks to more accurate speech recognition than Dragon and a proprietary conversation understanding layer trained on thousands of cases.  


You can rely on a hyper-automated virtual medical scribe to accurately summarize your patient encounters and automate your workflow. It does not require EHR integration and will enter data in the same manner as a traditional scribe. It operates in real-time as you interact with the patient. The documentation would be complete by the time you finish talking with your patient. You only need to review and sign off. Robots can recognize and authenticate your face. Simply speaking and using hand gestures will complete your documentation and enter notes into your EHR in minutes. It is 100% HIPAA compliant to ensure that your practice maintains the highest level of security, privacy, and auditable records by integrating your clinic workflow with machine learning, natural language processing, medical knowledge, and speech recognition with the highest level of security. 


Why Do You Need It? 

 IPKO (Intelligent Physician Knowledge Orchestrator), a patent-pending technology, is used to create "super-fast and automated Clinical documentation entry into EHR." IPKO works in the background with a series of auto ML engines to capture all conversations and convert them to medical data needed for documentation. In effect, it comprehends the doctor's observations in order to imitate an expert coder and scribe.  


Medicine is always evolving. On a daily basis, new equipment, medical devices, and medications enter the market; Robot Medical Scribe is trained to constantly learn and keep up-to-date key terminology, coding standards, associated resources, and an up-to-date library in memory to quickly facilitate the process of medical data extraction. 

You should not devote nearly half of your waking hours to paperwork (or night). Use a dependable, accurate, affordable, secure, and automated AI medical scribe solution that eliminates the need to write notes between patients and after hours, while also automating your clinic process and reducing burnout. 



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Hyper-automated AI & ML - Powered Virtual Medical Scribe Robot

A new world of healthcare is possible by leveraging hyper-automated AI & machine learning to render medical scribes redundant. This will free up millions of healthcare professionals to shift their focus toward more meaningful work, while also increasing patient satisfaction and employee morale. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, S10.AI Robot Medical Scribe is capable of carrying out a variety of tasks typically performed by scribes, but more quickly, precisely, and effectively. By using an S10.AI, hospitals and clinics can drastically increase their productivity while also improving the accuracy of their medical records. This ensures that the doctor has time to focus on what is most important, which is making sure that each patient is given the care that they need. The best part is, S10 robot medical scribe can be easily deployed as a software service, which means any medical facility of any size can benefit from it.  



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